Journal Article Nonlinear magnetization dynamics of antiferromagnetic spin resonance induced by intense terahertz magnetic field

Mukai, Y  ,  Hirori, H  ,  Yamamoto, T  ,  Kageyama, H  ,  Tanaka, K

182016-01-21 , IOP Publishing
We report on the nonlinear magnetization dynamics of a HoFeO3 crystal induced by a strong terahertz magnetic field resonantly enhanced with a split ring resonator and measured with magneto-optical Kerr effect microscopy. The terahertz magnetic field induces a large change (∼40%) in the spontaneous magnetization. The frequency of the antiferromagnetic resonance decreases in proportion to the square of the magnetization change. A modified Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation with a phenomenological nonlinear damping term quantitatively reproduced the nonlinear dynamics.

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