Journal Article Optical control of neuronal firing: Via photoinduced electron transfer in donor-acceptor conjugates

Takano, Yuta  ,  Numata, Tomohiro  ,  Fujishima, Kazuto  ,  Miyake, Kazuaki  ,  Nakao, Kazuya  ,  Grove, Wesley David  ,  Inoue, Ryuji  ,  Kengaku, Mineko  ,  Sakaki, Shigeyoshi  ,  Mori, Yasuo  ,  Murakami, Tatsuya  ,  Imahori, Hiroshi

7pp.3331 - 3337 , 2016-01 , Royal Society of Chemistry
A series of porphyrin-fullerene linked molecules has been synthesized to evaluate the effects of substituents and molecular structures on their charge-separation yield and the lifetime of a final charge-separated state in various hydrophilic environments. The selected high-performance molecule effectively achieved depolarization in a plasma cell membrane by visible light as well as two-photon excitation using a near-infrared light laser. Moreover, it was revealed that the depolarization can trigger neuronal firing in rat hippocampal neurons, demonstrating the potential and versatility for controlling cell functions using light.

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