Journal Article Transient analysis of leaky Lamb waves with a semi-analytical finite element method

Inoue, Daisuke  ,  Hayashi, Takahiro

62pp.80 - 88 , 2015-09 , Elsevier
We previously formulated a semi-analytical finite element technique for Lamb waves in a plate surrounded by fluids and investigated the dispersion curves and wave structures for leaky Lamb waves. Herein, this technique is extended to the calculation of transient responses both in a plate and in fluids for dynamic loading on the plate surface. To gain fundamental insights into guided wave inspection for a water-filled pipe or tank, guided waves generated upon transient loading of a flat plate water-loaded on one side were analyzed. The results show that a quasi-Scholte mode propagating at the plate-water interface is useful for the long-range inspection of a water-loaded plate because of its non-attenuation and minimal dispersion; moreover, this mode has superior generation efficiency in the low-frequency range, while it is localized near the plate-water interface at higher frequencies.

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