Journal Article <論文・報告>鹿威しで計測する流量率の大きな揺らぎ

山田, 健太  ,  宮﨑, 修次

1pp.73 - 75 , 2016-03 , 京都大学学際融合教育研究推進センター高大接続科学教育ユニット
情報学 カオス・フラクタル・非線形科学の魅力に触れる
The shishi-odoshi is a traditional device found in Japanese gardens. It is composed of a bamboo tube that when filled with water swings downward to empty itself and makes a clacking sound as a result. The water-filled bamboo tube clacks against a stone when emptied, and the clacking sound scares beasts and birds away from gardens. For a fluctuating flow rate, intervals between the clacks vary. The flow rate per unit time and the distribution function of the clacking interval can be identified, respectively, as the velocity of a random walker and a first passage time distribution. The rate function for the flow rate per unit time is derived not according to its definition but by use of the distribution function of a first passage time. This idea is illustrated by coin-tossing and large-deviation statistics.

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