Journal Article Selective autophagic receptor p62 regulates the abundance of transcriptional coregulator ARIP4 during nutrient starvation

Tsuchiya, Megumi  ,  Isogai, Shin  ,  Taniguchi, Hiroaki  ,  Tochio, Hidehito  ,  Shirakawa, Masahiro  ,  Morohashi, Ken Ichirou  ,  Hiraoka, Yasushi  ,  Haraguchi, Tokuko  ,  Ogawa, Hidesato

52015-09-28 , Nature Publishing Group
Transcriptional coregulators contribute to several processes involving nuclear receptor transcriptional regulation. The transcriptional coregulator androgen receptor-interacting protein 4 (ARIP4) interacts with nuclear receptors and regulates their transcriptional activity. In this study, we identified p62 as a major interacting protein partner for ARIP4 in the nucleus. Nuclear magnetic resonance analysis demonstrated that ARIP4 interacts directly with the ubiquitin-Associated (UBA) domain of p62. ARIP4 and ubiquitin both bind to similar amino acid residues within UBA domains; therefore, these proteins may possess a similar surface structure at their UBA-binding interfaces. We also found that p62 is required for the regulation of ARIP4 protein levels under nutrient starvation conditions. We propose that p62 is a novel binding partner for ARIP4, and that its binding regulates the cellular protein level of ARIP4 under conditions of metabolic stress.

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