Technical Report Production Capacity Change in Industrial Sectors of Hachinohe City due to the 2011 Tohoku Tsunami

KUMAGAI, Kentaro

This technical note includes literature reviews of the previous researches on flow damage due to natural disasters and a case study of estimating production capacity change for an inundation area due to the 2011 Tohoku tsunami. The study area was the coastal area of Hachinohe city, which was damaged and inundated by the earthquake and the tsunami. The fact data for the activities of 10 industrial sectors were assembled from published information, newspaper articles, and public announcements. The results showed that the estimated amount of economic damage was approximately 101.7 billion yen because of the production capacity change in the industrial sectors of the area due to the earthquake and the tsunami. This estimated amount was equivalent to approximately 84 % of the amount of the stock damage in the city.
本資料は,自然災害によるフロー被害の文献レビューを行うとともに,2011年東北地方太平洋沖地震津波の浸水域に立地する産業の生産能力変化を推計した.推計の対象は,同津波で被害が生じ浸水した青森県八戸市の沿岸域である.主な推計方法は,浸水範囲内に所在する10業種(通商産業省標準産業分類に基づく.)で建築面積が1, 000m2以上の製造業60社を対象に,津波発生前後の企業活動状況に係る公表資料,新聞報道記事,その他の公表資料を収集することにより行った.その結果,生産能力変化としてのフロー被害の推計額は約1, 017億円であった.この推計額は,当該市の自治体がとりまとめているストック被害の総計の約84%に相当していた.

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