Journal Article Linking two DNA duplexes with a rigid linker for DNA nanotechnology

Tashiro, Ryu  ,  Iwamoto, Masahiro  ,  Morinaga, Hironobu  ,  Emura, Tomoko  ,  Hidaka, Kumi  ,  Endo, Masayuki  ,  Sugiyama, Hiroshi

43 ( 14 )  , pp.6692 - 6700 , 2015-06-30 , Oxford University Press (OUP)
DNA has recently emerged as a promising material for the construction of nanosized architectures. Chemically modified DNA has been suggested to be an important component of such architectural building blocks. We have designed and synthesized a novel H-shaped DNA oligonucleotide dimer that is cross-linked with a structurally rigid linker composed of phenylene and ethynylene groups. A rotatable DNA unit was constructed through the self-assembly of this H-shaped DNA component and two complementary DNA oligonucleotides. In addition to the rotatable unit, a locked DNA unit containing two H-shaped DNA components was also constructed. As an example of an extended locked structure, a hexagonal DNA origami dimer and oligomer were constructed by using H-shaped DNA as linkers.

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