Journal Article Numerical Analysis of a Hygrothermal Environment During Hot and Humid Seasons Considering Room Hygroscopicity and Air Conditioner Driving Mode

Ogura, Daisuke  ,  Tatsumi, Yusuke  ,  Ogino, Takashi  ,  Miura, Hisashi

78pp.2706 - 2711 , 2015-11 , Elsevier Ltd.
6th International Building Physics Conference, IBPC 2015
This study aims to investigate the hygrothermal environment by estimating the room air conditioner (RAC) heat load in a room with hygroscopic materials. The sensible and latent heat capacity and the water retention quantity in the RAC indoor unit are tested in cooling and dehumidification operation modes. Then, a model is developed to predict their values and investigate room temperature and humidity. The RAC model numerical analysis estimates the heat load by taking into account indoor hygroscopicity. In particular, the water is retained from several hundred grams to approximately 1 kg in the indoor unit. The RAC model is implemented considering the heat exchanger temperature distribution. In the weak cooling dehumidification mode, the room relative humidity is maintained between larger than 5% and 8% of the target value with and without hygroscopicity, respectively. Hygroscopicity does not affect the heat load in the bedroom during night time.

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