Journal Article Critical roles for murine Reck in the regulation of vascular patterning and stabilization

De Almeida, Glícia Maria  ,  Yamamoto, Mako  ,  Morioka, Yoko  ,  Ogawa, Shuichiro  ,  Matsuzaki, Tomoko  ,  Noda, Makoto

52015-12-11 , Nature Publishing Group
Extracellular matrix (ECM) is known to play several important roles in vascular development, although the molecular mechanisms behind these remain largely unknown. RECK, a tumor suppressor downregulated in a wide variety of cancers, encodes a membrane-anchored matrix-metalloproteinase-regulator. Mice lacking functional Reck die in utero, demonstrating its importance for mammalian embryogenesis; however, the underlying causes of mid-gestation lethality remain unclear. Using Reck conditional knockout mice, we have now demonstrated that the lack of Reck in vascular mural cells is largely responsible for mid-gestation lethality. Experiments using cultured aortic explants further revealed that Reck is essential for at least two events in sprouting angiogenesis; (1) correct association of mural and endothelial tip cells to the microvessels and (2) maintenance of fibronectin matrix surrounding the vessels. These findings demonstrate the importance of appropriate cell-cell interactions and ECM maintenance for angiogenesis and the involvement of Reck as a critical regulator of these events.

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