Conference Paper 緊急支援物資輸送(ERL)のシミュレーション

熊谷, 兼太郎  ,  小野, 憲司

平成27年度防災研究所研究発表講演会, 日時:2016/02/23-24, 場所:京都大学宇治キャンパス
Emergency relief logistics (ERL) through port is important for areas affected by earthquake, especially for coastal areas isolated because of suspension of intercity land logistics. Integrated transport simulation of maritime, cargo handling in port, and land transport is effective for ERL planning. In this paper, authors conducted a trial experiment of tracking for road traffic by using mobile GPS equipment. In the result, it was confirmed that 30 second was sufficient as a measurement interval to track traffics on streets. The authors also conducted simulation of ERL from port to stockyard, and verified the model by case studies in view of traffic congestion.

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