Journal Article Yang-Baxter invariance of the Nappi-Witten model

Kyono, Hideki  ,  Yoshida, Kentaroh

905pp.242 - 250 , 2016-04 , Elsevier B.V.
We study Yang-Baxter deformations of the Nappi-Witten model with a prescription invented by Delduc, Magro and Vicedo. The deformations are specified by skew-symmetric classical r-matrices satisfying (modified) classical Yang-Baxter equations. We show that the sigma-model metric is invariant under arbitrary deformations (while the coefficient of B-field is changed) by utilizing the most general classical r-matrix. Furthermore, the coefficient of B-field is determined to be the original value from the requirement that the one-loop β-function should vanish. After all, the Nappi-Witten model is the unique conformal theory within the class of the Yang-Baxter deformations preserving the conformal invariance.

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