Journal Article Observation of number-density-dependent growth of plasmonic nanobubbles.

Nakajima, Takashi  ,  Wang, Xiaolong  ,  Chatterjee, Souvik  ,  Sakka, Tetsuo

62016-06-29 , Springer Nature
ナノバブルのおしくらまんじゅうを初めて観測-新規材料創製への応用に期待-. 京都大学プレスリリース. 2016-07-04.
Interaction dynamics of laser pulses and nanoparticles are of great interest in recent years. In many cases, laser-nanoparticle interactions result in the formation of plasmonic nanobubbles, and the dynamics of nanoparticles and nanobubbles are inseparable. So far, very little attention has been paid to the number density. Here we report the first observation of number-density-dependent growth of plasmonic nanobubbles. Our results show that the nanobubbles growth depends (does not depend) on the number density at high (low) laser fluence, although the inter-particle distance in the solution is as long as 14-30 μm. This cannot be explained by the existing physical picture, and we propose a new model which takes into account the pressure waves arising from nanoparticles. The numerical results based on this model agree well with the experimental results. Our findings imply that the number density can be a new doorknob to control laser-nanobubble as well as laser-nanoparticle interactions.

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