Journal Article Ionic conduction in lithium ion battery composite electrode governs cross-sectional reaction distribution

Orikasa, Yuki  ,  Gogyo, Yuma  ,  Yamashige, Hisao  ,  Katayama, Misaki  ,  Chen, Kezheng  ,  Mori, Takuya  ,  Yamamoto, Kentaro  ,  Masese, Titus  ,  Inada, Yasuhiro  ,  Ohta, Toshiaki  ,  Siroma, Zyun  ,  Kato, Shiro  ,  Kinoshita, Hajime  ,  Arai, Hajime  ,  Ogumi, Zempachi  ,  Uchimoto, Yoshiharu

62016-05-19 , Nature Publishing Group
Composite electrodes containing active materials, carbon and binder are widely used in lithium-ion batteries. Since the electrode reaction occurs preferentially in regions with lower resistance, reaction distribution can be happened within composite electrodes. We investigate the relationship between the reaction distribution with depth direction and electronic/ionic conductivity in composite electrodes with changing electrode porosities. Two dimensional X-ray absorption spectroscopy shows that the reaction distribution is happened in lower porosity electrodes. Our developed 6-probe method can measure electronic/ionic conductivity in composite electrodes. The ionic conductivity is decreased for lower porosity electrodes, which governs the reaction distribution of composite electrodes and their performances.

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