Journal Article Effective use of ground source heat pump system in traditional Japanese 'Kyo-machiya' Residences in Winter

Hagihara, Kana  ,  Iba, Chiemi  ,  Hokoi, Shuichi  ,  Matsuoka, Daisuke

78pp.1099 - 1104 , 2015-11 , Elsevier Ltd.
Today, promoting the use of abundant renewable energy such as underground heat has become imperative. The preservation of the traditional wooden dwellings unique to Kyoto called Kyo-machiya has recently become a priority policy in Kyoto. However, owing to the poor airtightness and thermal insulation of Kyo-machiya, these dwellings require considerable energy to heat during winter. However, most Kyo-machiya are equipped with a well, and this study employs experiment and analysis to examine the practicablity of installing simple ground-sourced heat pump systems in the existing wells of Kyo-machiya. The efficient operation of the heat pump system is also investigated.

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