Departmental Bulletin Paper 腎癌胆嚢転移の1例
Renal Cell Carcinoma with Metastasis to the Gallbladder : A Case Report

上戸, 賢  ,  阿部, 豊文  ,  植村, 元秀  ,  木内, 寛  ,  今村, 亮一  ,  宮川, 康  ,  野々村, 祝夫

62 ( 5 )  , pp.253 - 257 , 2016-05-31 , 泌尿器科紀要刊行会
A 63-year-old male with a past history of left nephrectomy due to clear cell renal cell carcinoma at the age of 57 was admitted for further evaluation. Enhanced abdominal computed tomography revealed that there were several hypervascular tumors in the pancreas and a single hypervascular tumor in the gallbladder. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy was performed to obtainpathological diagnosis. Microscopically, the tumor in the gallbladder was filled with clear cells and was diagnosed as metastatic gallbladder cancer from the previous clear cell renal cell carcinoma. Metastatic renal cell carcinoma to the gallbladder is extremely rare, with reported frequencies of less than0. 6% in687 autopsies. We hereinreport a case inwhich cholecystectomy enabled a successful diagnosis and review the reported 22 cases in Japanese patients.

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