Departmental Bulletin Paper The Science of Data Science

West, Jevin D.

2016pp.1 - 9 , 2016-05-10 , 京都大学未来創成学国際研究ユニット
This report summarizes two talks that I gave at the Advanced Future Studies at Kyoto University in February of 2016. One talk was for the Global Partnership on Science Education through Engagement. In this talk I focused on an emerging educational trend in the United States—the rise of Data Science at both the undergraduate and graduate level—and the effect it is having on research and industry. In the second talk, I spoke at the International Symposium on Advanced Future Studies symposium. In this talk, I provided an overview of an emerging research trend—the emergence of a new discipline called the Science of Science. In this new field, science is done at the level of millions of publications over many generations and disciplines using new tools from machine learning, computer vision, and network science. Both Data Science and the Science of Science require perspectives from multiple disciplines, which fit well with the general theme of both meetings in Kyoto.

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