Departmental Bulletin Paper Visit to Kyoto University and the Superflare Workshop

Saar, Steven H.

2016pp.1 - 4 , 2016-05-10 , 京都大学未来創成学国際研究ユニット
I report on my visit to Kyoto University in March 2016 to take part in the Superflare Workshop, supported by the International Research Unit of Advanced Future Studies, Kyoto University. The Superflare Workshop was very well organized, small, intimate meeting of experts in flares and superflares, and stellar activity in general, both from Japan and from around the world. There was much interesting and valuable discussion of superflares on solar-type stars, solar and stellar activity of various types, possible effects on extrasolar planets and the Earth. In the context of this, there was an overview of plans for the new 3.8m Japanese telescope at Okayama Observatory and spectrograph, and a discussion of how to optimize it for flare and activity science. I was asked to speak about the current state of knowledge about stellar cycles and their activity. My presentation described relations between cycle properties and other stellar observables, and the importance of having a well selected and studied stellar sample to best understand the underlying trends.

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