Journal Article Quadrupole Order in the Frustrated Pyrochlore Tb[2+x]Ti[2−x]O[7+y]

Takatsu, H.  ,  Onoda, S.  ,  Kittaka, S.  ,  Kasahara, A.  ,  Kono, Y.  ,  Sakakibara, T.  ,  Kato, Y.  ,  Fåk, B.  ,  Ollivier, J.  ,  Lynn, J. W.  ,  Taniguchi, T.  ,  Wakita, M.  ,  Kadowaki, H.

116 ( 21 ) 2016-05-26 , American Physical Society
スピン液体の近くの「隠れた秩序」. 京都大学プレスリリース. 2016-05-27.
A hidden order that emerges in the frustrated pyrochlore Tb[2+x]Ti[2−x]O[7+y] with T[c]=0. 53 K is studied using specific heat, magnetization, and neutron scattering experiments on a high-quality single crystal. Semiquantitative analyses based on a pseudospin-1/2 Hamiltonian for ionic non-Kramers magnetic doublets demonstrate that it is an ordered state of electric quadrupole moments. The elusive spin liquid state of the nominal Tb[2]Ti[2]O[7] is most likely a U(1) quantum spin-liquid state.

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