Journal Article High-speed gate drive circuit for SiC MOSFET by GaN HEMT

Nagaoka, Kohei  ,  Chikamatsu, Kentaro  ,  Yamaguchi, Atsushi  ,  Nakahara, Ken  ,  Hikihara, Takashi

12 ( 11 )  , pp.1 - 8 , 2015-05-15 , Institute of Electronics Information Communication Engineers
This paper focuses on a development and an evaluation of high-speed gate drive circuit for SiC power MOSFET by GaN HEMT. The increasing requests to SiC power devices face to the difficulty of the gate drive because of the mismatching between device parameters and conventional driving circuits for Si power devices. Up to now, high frequency switching is the main target of logic and radio applications of active devices. The drive circuit of power devises has not been considered at the switching over MHz. Moreover, p-type SiC and GaN power devices are still not in our hand in spite of the development of n-type device. Therefore there are difficulties in the design of symmetric circuit structure to avoid the management of ground setting. This paper proposes a gate drive circuit applied GaN devices for high-speed switching of an SiC MOSFET. The proposed circuit is designed for the operation of SiC MOSFET at 10 MHz. The feasibility is confirmed through a simple switching circuit.

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