Journal Article On-demand transfer of trapped photons on a chip

Konoike, Ryotaro  ,  Nakagawa, Haruyuki  ,  Nakadai, Masahiro  ,  Asano, Takashi  ,  Tanaka, Yoshinori  ,  Noda, Susumu

2 ( 5 ) 2016-05-20 , American Association for the Advancement of Science
チップ上の微小点に保存した光の瞬時転送. 京都大学プレスリリース. 2016-05-26.
Photonic crystal nanocavities, which have modal volumes of the order of a cubic wavelength in the material, are of great interest as flexible platforms for manipulating photons. Recent developments in ultra-high quality factor nanocavities with long photon lifetimes have encouraged us to develop an ultra-compact and flexible photon manipulation technology where photons are trapped in networks of such nanocavities. The most fundamental requirement is the on-demand transfer of photons to and from the trapped states of arbitrary nanocavities. We experimentally demonstrate photon transfer between two nearly resonant nanocavities at arbitrary positions on a chip, triggered by the irradiation of a third nonresonant nanocavity using an optical control pulse. We obtain a high transfer efficiency of ~90% with a photon lifetime of ~200 ps.

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