Journal Article Thermodynamic Entropy as a Noether Invariant.

Sasa, Shin-Ichi  ,  Yokokura, Yuki

116 ( 14 ) 2016-04-08 , American Physical Society
乱雑さを決める時間の対称性を発見-100年前の物理と数学の融合が築くミクロとマクロの架け橋-. 京都大学プレスリリース. 2016-05-24.
We study a classical many-particle system with an external control represented by a time-dependent extensive parameter in a Lagrangian. We show that thermodynamic entropy of the system is uniquely characterized as the Noether invariant associated with a symmetry for an infinitesimal nonuniform time translation t→t+ηℏβ, where η is a small parameter, ℏ is the Planck constant, β is the inverse temperature that depends on the energy and control parameter, and trajectories in the phase space are restricted to those consistent with quasistatic processes in thermodynamics.

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