Journal Article Parity effect of bipolar quantum Hall edge transport around graphene antidots

Matsuo, Sadashige  ,  Nakaharai, Shu  ,  Komatsu, Katsuyoshi  ,  Tsukagoshi, Kazuhito  ,  Moriyama, Takahiro  ,  Ono, Teruo  ,  Kobayashi, Kensuke

52015-06-30 , Nature Publishing Group
接合数の偶数・奇数で電流の流れが全く異なる新しい現象 -注目物質「グラフェン」におけるパリティ効果を世界で初めて確立-. 京都大学プレスリリース. 2015-07-01.
Parity effect, which means that even-odd property of an integer physical parameter results in an essential difference, ubiquitously appears and enables us to grasp its physical essence as the microscopic mechanism is less significant in coarse graining. Here we report a new parity effect of quantum Hall edge transport in graphene antidot devices with pn junctions (PNJs). We found and experimentally verified that the bipolar quantum Hall edge transport is drastically affected by the parity of the number of PNJs. This parity effect is universal in bipolar quantum Hall edge transport of not only graphene but also massless Dirac electron systems. These results offer a promising way to design electron interferometers in graphene.

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