Journal Article Reaction of a diaryldigermyne with ethylene

Sasamori, Takahiro  ,  Sugahara, Tomohiro  ,  Agou, Tomohiro  ,  Sugamata, Koh  ,  Guo, Jing Dong  ,  Nagase, Shigeru  ,  Tokitoh, Norihiro

6pp.5526 - 5530 , 2015-06-24 , Royal Society of Chemistry
Reaction of the stable digermyne BbtGeGeBbt (Bbt = 2, 6-[CH(SiMe<inf>3</inf>)<inf>2</inf>]<inf>2</inf>-4-[C(SiMe<inf>3</inf>)<inf>3</inf>]-C<inf>6</inf>H<inf>2</inf>) with ethylene initially afforded the corresponding 1, 2-digermacyclobutene. Depending on the reaction conditions applied, further reaction of this 1, 2-digermacyclobutene with ethylene furnished two different reaction products: a 1, 4-digermabicyclo[2.2.0]hexane or a bis(germiranyl)ethane. Combined experimental and theoretical results suggested that the 1, 4-digermabicyclo[2.2.0]hexane and the bis(germiranyl)ethane are the thermodynamic and kinetic reaction products, respectively. A reaction mechanism in agreement with these results was proposed.

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