Article Project 11 Studies on Actinides and Fission Products Performed at the KURRI Hot Laboratory

Fujii T.

2014 ( APRIL 2014 – MARCH 2015 )  , pp.52 - 69 , 2015-07 , The Research Reactor Institute, Kyoto University
PR11-1 Apparent Formation Constant of Metal Ions with Humic Substances; Modelling. Sasaki T. Kobayashi T. Koukami T. Uehara A. Fujii T. Yamana H. Moriyama H.
PR11-2 Temperature Effect on the Solubility and Solid Phase of Tetravalent Metal Hydroxide. Kobayashi T. Sasaki T. Uehara A. Fujii T. Yamana H. Moriyama H.
PR11-3 Research on The Behavior of Actinides and FPs in Fuel Debris. Sato N. Kirishima A. Hirano M. Sasaki T. Kobayashi T. Takeno Y. Uehira A. Fujii T. Takamiya K. Yamana H.
PR11-4 Effect on Borosilicate Glass Structure by Neutron Irradiation. Nagai T. Miyauchi A. Morikawa Y. Uehara A. Fujii T.
PR11-5 Ligand Exchange of Uranium (IV) Chloro- and Fluoro- Complexes in High Temperature. Uehara A. Nagai T. Fujii T. Moriyama H. Yamana H
PR11-6 Evaluation of Parameters Governing Anodic Dissolution of U-Zr Alloy in Molten LiCl-KCl. Iizuka M. Sakamura Y. Fujii T. Uehara A. Yamana H.
PR11-7 Electrochemistry and Structural Analysis of Cations in Molten Sub-halide Systems:. Matsuura H. Nezu A. Akatsuka H. Uehara A. Yamana H. Fujii T.
PR11-8 Polarization Effect of Chloride Ions on Uranyl Ion in Molten LiCl. Ohtori N. Ishii Y. Uehara A. Fujii T. Yamana H.
PR11-9 Study of Isotope Separation of Strontium and Calcium via Chemical Exchange Reaction. Hazama R. Sakuma Y. Ito A. Fujii T. Fukutani S. Shibahara Y.
PR11-10 Experimental and Calculated Optical Properties of Molten Alumnium Chloride Melts. Goto T. Hachiya K. Uehara A. Fujii T. Yamana H.
PR11-11 Precipitation Behavior of Trivalent Dysprosium Ion by Reaction with Oxide Ion in CaCl2–LiCl Molten Salt. Sekimoto H. Uehara A. Fujii T. Yamana H.
PR11-12 Elucidation of the Uptake Route of Radionuclides in Deciduous and Coniferous Trees Using Radio Cesium and Radio Potassium in Annual Tree Rings. Ohta T. Kubota T. Shibahara Y. Fukutani S. FujiiT. Igarashi T. Mahara Y.
PR11-13 Photon activation analysis of alkali earth elements and arsenic with bremsstrahlung at the KURRI-LINAC. Kubota T. Fujii T. Fukutani S. Shibahara Y. Ohta T.
PR11-14 Study of Applicability of Isotopic Ratio Measurement for Analysis of Radionuclide in Environmental Samples. Shibahara Y. Kubota T. Fukutani S. Fujii T. Shibata T. Yoshikawa M.
PR11-15 Tracing Halogen and Noble Gas Recycling in the Northern Izu Subduction Zone by Molten NaCl-CsCl Eutectic Neutron Irradiation and Noble Gas Mass Spectrometry. Sumino H. Kobayashi M. Nagao K. Okumura R. Sekimoto S. Fujii T.
PR11-16 Volcanic and Tectonic History of Philippine Sea Plate (South of Japan) Revealed by 40Ar/39Ar Dating Technique. Ishizuka O. Fujii T. Okumura R. Sekimoto S.
PR11-17 Ar–Ar Age Determination of Minamitorishima Fluoride Addition Effect on Voltammograms and UV-vis Spectra of Neodymium Cation in Molten Chlorides. Hirano N. Sumino H. Fujii T. Okumura R. Sekimoto S.

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