Article 1. Slow Neutron Physics and Neutron Scattering

2014 ( APRIL 2014 – MARCH 2015 )  , pp.96 - 102 , 2015-07The Research Reactor Institute, Kyoto University
CO1-1 Analysis of Heavy Metal Elements in Chinese Medicine and Herbs
CO1-2 Status Report 2014 for B–3 Beam Port of KUR
CO1-3 Synthesis of Metal Nanoparticles under the Gamma-ray Irradiation Field
CO1-4 The Role of Human Oxidation Resistance 1 (OXR1) in Cellular Response to Radiation
CO1-5 Development of an Advanced Optical Fiber Type Neutron Detector
CO1-6 Focusing Test of an Ellipsoidal Neutron Mirror with a Metal Substrate
CO1-7 Examination of the Usefulness as the New Boron Compound of KA-BSH for Born Neutron Capture Therapy

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