Article 2. Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Data

2014 ( APRIL 2014 – MARCH 2015 )  , pp.103 - 107 , 2015-07The Research Reactor Institute, Kyoto University
CO2-1 Development of Measurement Method for Epi-Thermal Neutrons Using the 10B(n, αγ) Reaction
CO2-2 Measurement of Gamma Ray and Neutron Spectrum of Curium Isotope (3)
CO2-3 Development of Hybrid Ce:LiCAF Scintillator for Nuclear Data Measurement
CO2-4 Investigation of Variable Neutron Field for Accurate Determination of Thermal Neutron Capture Cross Section at KURRI-LINAC
CO2-5 Experimental Study on Non-destructive Assay with a Pulsed Neutron Source

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