Article 7. Neutron Capture Therapy

2014 ( APRIL 2014 – MARCH 2015 )  , pp.132 - 137 , 2015-07The Research Reactor Institute, Kyoto University
CO7-1 Evaluation of Boron-containig Rare Earth Oxides Nanoparticles as an Agent for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy
CO7-2 In vivo Evaluation of Gd-DTPA-incorporated Calcium Phosphate Nanoparticles as Neutron Capture Therapy Agent
CO7-3 Development of a Phantom for Estimation of Beam Quality in BNCT
CO7-4 A Fundamental Experiment for the Measure Against the Activation of the Irradiation-room Concrete at BNCT Facility
CO7-5 Radiosensitizing Effect of Purinergic Antagonists on the Damage of Melanoma by BNCT
CO7-6 Feasibility Study for Establishing QA Method for Hospital- and Reactor-based BNCT

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