Journal Article Instanton effects in ABJM theory with general R-charge assignments

Nosaka, Tomoki

20162016-03 , Springer Berlin Heidelberg
We study the large N expansion of the partition function of the quiver superconformal Chern-Simons theories deformed by two continuous parameters which correspond to general R-charge assignment to the matter fields. Though the deformation breaks the conformal symmetry, we find that the partition function shares various structures with the superconformal cases, such as the Airy function expression of the perturbative expansion in 1/N with the overall constant A(k) related to the constant map in the ABJM case through a simple rescaling of k. We also identify five kinds of the non-perturbative effects in 1/N which correspond to the membrane instantons. The instanton exponents and the singular structure of the coefficients depend on the continuous deformation parameters, in contrast to the superconformal case where all the parameters are integers associated with the orbifold action on the moduli space. This implies that the singularity of the instanton effects would be observable also in the gravity side.

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