Journal Article Expression patterns of miRNA-423-5p in the serum and pericardial fluid in patients undergoing cardiac surgery

Miyamoto, Shoichi  ,  Usami, Shunsuke  ,  Kuwabara, Yasuhide  ,  Horie, Takahiro  ,  Baba, Osamu  ,  Hakuno, Daihiko  ,  Nakashima, Yasuhiro  ,  Nishiga, Masataka  ,  Izuhara, Masayasu  ,  Nakao, Tetsushi  ,  Nishino, Tomohiro  ,  Ide, Yuya  ,  Nakazeki, Fumiko  ,  Wang, Jun  ,  Ueyama, Koji  ,  Kimura, Takeshi  ,  Ono, Koh

10 ( 11 ) 2015-11-12 , Public Library of Science
Background: Recently, it has been reported that specific microRNA (miRNA) levels are elevated in serum and can be used as biomarkers in patients with cardiovascular diseases. However, miRNAs expression profiles and their sources in pericardial fluid (PF) are unclear. Methods and Results: The purpose of this study was to identify the levels of miRNAs in PF in relation to those in the serum in patients undergoing cardiac surgery. Serum (S) and PF from patients undergoing coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) due to stable angina pectoris (sAP) and unstable AP (uAP) and aortic valve replacement due to aortic stenosis (AS) were analyzed for the detection of miRNAs. We named these samples S-sAP, S-uAP, S-AS, PF-sAP, PF-uAP, and PF-AS, respectively. We first measured the levels of miR-423-5p, which was recognized previously as a biomarker for heart failure. miR-423-5p levels were significantly higher in PF than serum. Although there was no difference in miR-423-5p levels among the PF-AS, PF-sAP, and PF-uAP, its levels were significantly elevated in S-uAP compared with those in S-AS and S-sAP. In order to clarify the source of miR-423-5p in PF, we measured the levels of muscle-enriched miR-133a and vascular-enriched miR-126 and miR-92a in the same samples. miR-133a levels were significantly higher in serum than in PF, and it was elevated in S-uAP compared with S-AS. miR-126 level was significantly increased in serum compared with PF, and the level of miR-92a the similar tendency. miR-423-5p is located in the first intron of NSRP1. There is another miRNA, miR-3184, encoded in the opposite direction in the same region. In vitro experiments indicated that the duplex of miR-423-5p and miR-3184-3p was more resistant to RNase than the duplex of miR-423-5p and miR-133-3p, which may help to stabilize miR-423-5p in the PF. Conclusions: Our results suggested that miR-423-5p is enriched in PF, and serum miR-423-5p may be associate with uAP. Its expression pattern was different to that of muscle- and vascular-enriched miRNAs, miR-133a, miR-126, and miR-92a.

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