Departmental Bulletin Paper <小特集 南アジア・イスラーム文献の出版・伝播2>アキール・コレクションにおけるマウドゥーディー追悼資料[A809]
<Special Feature "Publication and Distribution of Islamic Books in South Asia 2">Eulogies and Anniversary Articles on Maulana Maududi in the Aqeel Collection

須永, 恵美子

9pp.192 - 196 , 2016-03-16 , 京都大学大学院アジア・アフリカ地域研究研究科附属イスラーム地域研究センター
The Aqeel Collection is a rich resource on Maulana Maududi and his related books. Saiyid Abu al-Aʻla Maududi (1903–1979) was one of the great scholars of South Asia, and was a founder of the political party Jamaat-e Islami in British India. Maududi is known to be a prolific writer, having published 177 books and more than 900 articles in the Urdu language. Professor Dr. Aqeel has had much interest in Maududi and Jamaat-e Islami since he was young. In addition to books and journals on them, the professor has collected a lot of newspaper articles. Among these newspapers, there is bundle of articles on Maududi’s death and eulogies. Maududi suffered from his illness from the late 1960’s, and he passed away on September 22nd, 1979 at a hospital in Buffalo, USA. Immediately after his passing, many newspapers, TV, and radio reports broke the tragic news inside and outside Pakistan. Professor Aqeel collected these articles not only in 1979, but also on the anniversaries of Maududi’s death. These documents are quite rare in Japan and it should be well analyzed for future research on Mauaudi and his impact on South Asian Muslim society.

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