Departmental Bulletin Paper <実践報告>経済学科推薦入試入学生に対する入学前 e ラーニング教育の1年次経済学理論科目にもたらす効果
<Reports>The Effect of Pre-entrance e-learning Education on 1st-year University Students Admitted by Recommendation to Undergraduate Macroeconomics and Microeconomics Courses

澤口, 隆   ,  児玉, 俊介  ,  巽, 靖昭

21pp.27 - 39 , 2015-12-01 , 京都大学高等教育研究開発推進センター
This paper investigates the effectiveness of pre-entrance e-learning remedial education materials in preparing 1st-year university students for undergraduate macroeconomics and microeconomics courses at Toyo University in Japan. Following admission and prior to attending their first semester, incoming students were assigned e-learning problem sets for English, mathematics and Japanese once a week for 15 weeks from December to March. Students solved problem sets consisting of 10-20 questions per subject, after which they were given feedback and made additional attempts to solve the problems. Results indicate that in 1st-year undergraduate macroeconomics and microeconomics courses, there were significant differences between the average final grades of the students who studied the pre-entrance e-learning materials for 15 weeks and those of the students who did not. Furthermore, results of multiple regression analyses indicate that students' pre-entrance education mathematics scores positively related to their scores in 1st-year undergraduate macroeconomics and microeconomics. These findings suggest that pre-entrance e-learning remedial education in mathematics is effective in increasing 1st-year undergraduate students’ understanding of macroeconomics and microeconomics.

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