Departmental Bulletin Paper <高等教育の動向>一橋大学大学院におけるアカデミック・キャリア支援の取り組み : ある「若手研究者」の視点から
<Trends of Higher Education (Invited Papers)>Graduate Academic Career Support at Hitotsubashi University from the Viewpoint of a "Young Researcher

青木, 深

21pp.65 - 74 , 2015-12-01 , 京都大学高等教育研究開発推進センター
Hitotsubashi University, which specializes in the humanities and social sciences, has provided both academic and professional career support to graduate students since April 2011. This article discusses the content, characteristics, and problems associated with academic career support, particularly with regards to the school's academic career seminars, which are held approximately seven times yearly. These seminars cover topics such as the submission of articles, publication of dissertations, applying for research grants and academic jobs, academic career and life events, tips for teaching undergraduates, and overseas education and research. Speakers at the seminars are generally young faculty members and postdoctorates who earned a Ph.D. at Hitotsubashi University. A variety of graduate students attend the seminars, wherein lecturers impart attendees with knowledge concerning academic job-hunting, while also addressing study skills, the diversity of career paths in academia, and the mental preparation required to write persuasive job applications and grant proposals. These academic career seminars are managed by a "young researcher, " who attempts to internalize the viewpoints of graduate students and postdoctorates. The support system facilitating this, however, is complex given that the aforementioned young researcher, who is in charge of academic career support, is also applying for tenure status in a manner similar to "supported" graduate students and postdoctorates.

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