Departmental Bulletin Paper 港湾BCPのための港湾施設の脆弱性評価手法
Fragility Assessment Methods of Port Facilities for Port-BCP

赤倉, 康寛  ,  小野, 憲司

For making the port-BCP, fragility assessment of port facilities is needed. Without fragility assessment, PRT (Predicted Recovery Time) and PRL (predicted Recovery Level) cannot be quantified. On the other hand, detailed fragility assessment such as finite element method requires much time and money. Against this background, this paper developed and collected the simplified fragility assessment method against large earthquakes and tsunamis. Many of these assessment methods were expressed as fragility curves against seismic intensity or tsunami inundation depth. The figures of these intensity and depth have been quantified in the earthquake and tsunami damage estimations by national and local government. Compound damage of an earthquake and a tsunami was considered in the assessment of the berth and the cargo crane.

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