Departmental Bulletin Paper 大規模地震・津波後の国際海上コンテナ貨物の代替港湾の推計と港湾BCPへの適用
Estimation of the Alternative Port of International Maritime Container Transport after Large-scale Earthquake/Tsunami and Application to Port-BCP

赤倉, 康寛  ,  小野, 憲司  ,  渡部, 富博  ,  川村, 浩

As a result of the Great East Japan Earthquake/Tsunami, the port facilities of eastern Japan on the Pacific Ocean suffered severe damage and, ports on the Sea of Japan or Tokyo Bay functioned as alternative ports. Similarly, after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, Osaka port and other major ports functioned as alternatives to the damaged Kobe port. In response to these issues, each port in Japan has developed a business continuity plan (port-BCP). An important issue in port-BCPs is identifying alternative ports. Against this background, the purposes of this study are (1) to develop the procedure for estimating alternative port after large-scale earthquakes/tsunamis, and (2) to apply the estimation results to the Tohoku regional port-BCP with the aim of preventing the disruption of container transport in the region.

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