Departmental Bulletin Paper 福島原発事故に伴う放射性物質の初期拡散沈着過程把握のためのデータベース構築 --レーダーデータを中心として--
Database Development for Understanding the Wet Deposition and Dispersion Processes after the Fukushima Nuclear Plant Accident --Radar Data--

谷田貝, 亜紀代  ,  寶, 馨  ,  石原, 正仁  ,  石川, 裕彦  ,  渡邊, 明  ,  村田, 健史

This manuscript describes datasets of meteorological information being developed for understanding the dispersion and deposition process of radionuclides associated with the Fukushima accident in March 2011. Among several products, this paper reports mainly our original radar data figures including the X-band radar data from Fukushima University and the three-dimensional data of the Japan Meteorological Agency C-band radar network.

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