Departmental Bulletin Paper ブータン王国の国家地震観測網の構築支援
Design and Implementation of the National Seismic Monitoring Network in the Kingdom of Bhutan

大見, 士朗  ,  井上, 公  ,  DRUKPA, Dowchu

Bhutan-Himalayan district is located along the plate collision zone between Indian and Eurasian plates, which is one of the most seismically active region in the world. However, there is no seismic monitoring system established in the Kingdom of Bhutan, whose territory is in the center of the Bhutan-Himalayan region. In this project, we are establishing the first national permanent seismic monitoring network in the Kingdom of Bhutan. We started establishing permanent seismic monitoring network of minimum requirements which is composed of six (6) observation stations in Bhutan with short period high sensitivity seismometers, strong motion seismometers, and broad-band seismometers. Obtained data are transmitted to the central processing computers in the DGM (Department of Geology and Mines, Ministry of Economic Affairs) office in Thimphu. This seismic network is definitely utilized for not only for seismic disaster mitigation of the country but also for studying the seismotectonics in the Bhutan-Himalayan region which is not precisely revealed due to the lack of observation data in the past.

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