Departmental Bulletin Paper パーシベルを用いた桜島産火山噴出物の落下速度に関する実験的測定
Experimental measurement on falling velocity of volcanic ash from Sakurajima volcano by using PARSIVEL disdrometer

三輪, 学央  ,  真木, 雅之  ,  小園, 誠史  ,  藤田, 英輔  ,  棚田, 俊收  ,  井口, 正人

We performed large scale experiment to measure the falling velocity of volcanic material from Sakurajima volcano by using PARSIVEL. The PARSIVEL is laser-optical based disdrometer and measures size and falling velocity of the grains. Volcanic materials from Sakurajima volcano were fallen from 16 m of height, and their size and falling velocity were measured by the PARSIVEL. The experimental results provide the relation between the size and falling velocity as v = 5.900D0.530. This equation well replicates the experimental results than that in previous studies.

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