Departmental Bulletin Paper 都市近郊における大気境界層の観測--不安定時と中立に近い時の乱流構造の比較--
Observations of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer in the Suburbs of the City -Comparison of Turbulence Structures between Unstable and Near-Neutral Conditions-

堀口, 光章

Observations of the turbulence in the atmospheric boundary layer have been made in the summer season 2013 using sonic anemometer-thermometers on a meteorological tower (55-m tall) of the Observation and Analysis System for Local Unusual Weather and a Doppler lidar in the Ujigawa Open Laboratory. Here, turbulence structures under unstable and near-neutral conditions during one day are compared. Ascending large-scale turbulence structures with the time scale of more than 100 s were detected under unstable conditions. In the afternoon during the daytime, strong winds were observed in the boundary layer. In the evening of the same day, large-scale structures were not detected under near-neutral conditions.

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