Departmental Bulletin Paper 湿潤な環境下で発生する停滞性降水系の理想化数値実験
Numerical Experiments of Quasi-Stationary Mesoscale Convective Systems in Humid Environments

鵜沼, 昂  ,  竹見, 哲也

Role of middle-level moisture on the development of quasi-stationary convective systems (QSCSs) in humid environments was investigated using a numerical cloud model in an idealized framework. As moisture increased at the middle levels, the static stability in the low-to-middle troposphere was decreased due to preceding deep convections. Trajectory analysis indicated that the parcels were able to go upward by experiencing positive buoyancy when the environmental moisture in the middle troposphere is large. Therefore, it is suggested that the development of QSCSs in humid environments is explained by positive buoyancy that is induced by the larger environmental moisture.

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