Departmental Bulletin Paper 建物等構造要素毎の被害評価による竜巻等の突風風速推定指標の策定
Formulation of damage indicators for estimating gust wind speed of tornado etc. by damage evaluation of each construction's element

前田, 潤滋  ,  丸山, 敬  ,  奥田, 泰雄  ,  小林, 文明  ,  松井, 正宏  ,  林, 泰一  ,  野田, 稔  ,  西嶋, 一欽  ,  友清, 衣利子  ,  竹内, 崇

Damage indicators for the estimation of gust wind speed were examined in order to evaluate the intensity of tornado or downburst and so on. This aims to contribute the establishment of Japanese Enhanced Fujita Scale for the good estimation of the strong wind damage by tornado or downburst. Degrees of damage were proposed for some construction's elements and an example for a damage indicator, "standard Japanese roof with ceramic tiles", was presented.

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