Departmental Bulletin Paper ゲリラ豪雨危険性予知手法の高精度化に向けた積乱雲生成時の渦管構造の解析
Structural Analysis of Vortex Tubes in a Cumulonimbus Cloud at Its Developing Stage toward an Improvement of the Risk Prediction Method of Guerilla-Heavy Rainfall

中北, 英一  ,  佐藤, 悠人  ,  西脇, 隆太  ,  山口, 弘誠

Today, frequency of Guerilla-heavy rainfall are increased in Japan. Nakakita et al. (2014) developed the risk prediction system with the vertical vorticity information in a convective cell at its first stage (hereafter, baby-cell). For more accurate system, we tried to understand how a cell develops to heavy rainfall by analyzing the structure of vortex tubes inside baby-cells. Vortex tubes are observed inside all sample cells with X-MP Doppler radar in Kansai area. For more detailed analysis, we are challenging to analyze vortex tubes with phased array radar in Osaka University.

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