Departmental Bulletin Paper 積乱雲の生成・発達を捉えるためのマルチセンサーによるRHI同期観測実験
Detection of the Storm-Genesis by RHI-scanning of Multi-Sensors

中北, 英一  ,  山口, 弘誠  ,  大石, 哲  ,  大東, 忠保  ,  橋口, 浩之  ,  岩井, 宏徳  ,  中川, 勝広  ,  相馬, 一義  ,  増田, 有俊  ,  小川, まり子  ,  坪木, 和久  ,  鈴木, 賢士  ,  川村, 誠治  ,  鈴木, 善晴

A campaign observation using the multi-sensors that involve X-band Polarimetric radar, Ka-band radar, Doppler lidar, GPS precipitable vapor, with video-sonde observation at Keihanshin urban area has been carried out since 2011 in order to understand the genesis mechanism of cumulonimbus cloud, we call it "storm genesis". In 2013 observation, the RHI-scanning of the multi-sensors with every 2 minutes was conducted. As the results, the convective cell was generated where the cold outflow from the other cumulonimbus cloud went into the warm air mass from the sea side.

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