Departmental Bulletin Paper 防災気象情報に対応した洪水ハザードマップの検討
Study on Flood Hazard Map linked with Disaster Prevention Weather Information

本間, 基寛

This study showed the development method of the flood hazard map linked with the disaster prevention weather information to be provided at the time of heavy rain as a case study in Kameoka city in the Katsura-river basin. It is hoped that this flood hazard map helps citizens remember the inundation situation easily at the time of heavy rain. In consideration of the characteristics between a spatial-temporal scale and a strength of rainfall, multiple rainfall scenarios were generated by combining various patterns of the rainfall area, duration and strength. Each rainfall scenario has been categorized as disaster prevention weather information related to an inundation disaster. Then, the distribution of inundation depth predicted in each disaster prevention weather information was calculated by RRI model. The developed map could provide the disaster prevention weather information which citizens should pay their attention according to the difference in precipitation characteristics.

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