Departmental Bulletin Paper GNSSによる湾上および山岳域における水蒸気分布と豪雨に関する研究
Study on Relationship betweenWater Vapor Distribution Detected by GNSS and Severe Storm on Bays and Mountainous Area

大石, 哲  ,  山口, 弘誠  ,  小川, まり子  ,  中, 大輔  ,  林, 和成  ,  中北, 英一

The present study shows the result of detecting water vapor distribution by using GNSS on the bay and the mountain area. Basically, ZTD (Zenith Total Delay) is widely applied for meteorological purpose and it has been already applied even for operational meso-scale meteorological model. However, the GNSS receivers only on open land has been used for the meterological purpose. Therefore, in the present study, GPS receivers have been newly launched around bay and mountain area to investigate the accuracy of ZTD. Especially on OSAKA bay, nine new GPS receivers have been deployed. From the verification of the accuracy of the data observed by these new GPS, most of these new GPS receivers acquired accurate data generally, and it was found that the accuracy of the data was enough to be used for research and practical use. Moreover, the present study proposes the way to detect water vapor contrast in local scale. The purposed way of detection has been applied for on the severe storm phenomenon happened on August 18 2012. It shows the convergence of water vapor when convective cloud appeared over OSAKA city area.

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