Departmental Bulletin Paper 鉛直分布を考慮した掃流砂観測手法の検討
Bedload Monitoring Method Considering Vertical Concentration Profile

堤, 大三  ,  天野, 唯子  ,  長谷川, 祐治  ,  市田, 児太朗  ,  野中, 理伸

For monitoring bedload transport in mountainous stream, pipe hydrophones are one of the effective method. Recently, the pipe hydrophone system has been practically utilized in many rivers in Japan. The pipe hydrophone is usually installed on a river bed perpendicular to the water flow. Acoustic pulses caused by sediment collisions are detected by the pipe hydrophone. Because of the detection method, the sediment passing through the pipe with no collision on the pipe cannot be detected by the system. To solve this disadvantage, we proposed a set of horizontal and vertical pipe hydrophones. We installed the horizontal and vertical hydrophone in the Ashi-arai-dani observation flume and conducted a field experiment. We also conducted a bedload measurement during snowmelt flood events. The experimental and observation results show the possibility to monitor total bedload by this hydrophone set.

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