Departmental Bulletin Paper 土砂災害警戒避難に影響を及ぼすハザード群に関する研究
Multiple Hazards that Affect Evacuation System of Sediment Disaster

山野井, 一輝  ,  藤田, 正治

Multiple small-scale hazards such as road submergence, poor visibility, slope failure, flood, and inundation can obstruct evacuation from sediment disaster and may enlarge human damage caused by large-scale of sediment movement. To clarify the process of small-scale hazards during sediment disaster, a numerical simulation model integrating models of sediment production caused by landslides, sediment supply and sediment transport in a watershed has applied to the sediment disaster event caused in Sakiyama river basin located in Hyogo prefecture, Japan. Based on the calculated results, we proposed indexes of 3 groups of hazard related to the landslide occurrence, water level in the channel, and rainfall intensity. The temporal change of indexes showed different characteristics according to the property of precipitation such as total amount of rainfall and maximum intensity.

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