Departmental Bulletin Paper Seeking Peace Through Bëti Funeral Rites in South Cameroon


37 ( 1 )  , pp.29 - 44 , 2016-03 , The Center for African Area Studies, Kyoto University
Discourse intended to promote notions of peace and human rights in Cameroon, as well as elsewhere in Africa, appears to presuppose that these notions are part of models or practices acquired from elsewhere. Taking, as a basis for our study, the funeral rites of the Bëti in Cameroon, our research aims to answer the following question: "In this era of globalization, how do Africans intend to restore and maintain peace in the continent and throughout the world?" Here, the Bëti culture is simply used as an example for comparison with other Cameroonian or African cultures, as funeral rites exist in all cultures. The objective of this study was to demonstrate that social milieus have always nursed social values capable of promoting peace and mutual respect among individuals. Peace-promoting values in Bëti society (dialogue, speech, the oath, sharing and the respect of time) are examined in the social context of the death of a head of household.

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