Departmental Bulletin Paper Morphotype distribution of the sea anemone Diadumene lineata in Tanabe Bay, Wakayama: a comparison with Uchida (1936) after 80 years

Ryan, Will H.  ,  Kubota, Shin

44pp.1 - 6 , 2016-03-04 , Seto Marine Biological Laboratory, Kyoto University
Issued online on Mar. 4, 2016; paper version on Aug. 30, 2018
The intertidal sea anemone Diadumene lineata is a common inhabitant of East Asian shores, including most of Japan. It has long been interesting to researchers because populations show high levels of morphotypic diversity and a variety of reproductive strategies, including both asexual and sexual modes. We compared the current distribution of color morphs around Tanabe Bay, Wakayama, Japan with a historical survey of the region from 1936 and found that the population is still dominated by the same morphotype although all four morphotypes are present in the region. Additionally we found that distribution of body size and morphotype differed among sites within the region and that these populations are marked by a high level of reproductive diversity.

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