Research Paper 自動車製造企業の財務戦略 --トヨタを素材として-- : 藤月会論集第25号


252016-03 , 京都大学経済学部藤井ゼミナール論文編集委員会
This research investigates what are and how have been developed the secrets of managerial success in Japanese automobile manufacturers, with special reference to Toyota Motor. Answering these questions through financial analysis based on the bankruptcy prediction model we have originally developed, we identify the pattern of strategic finance that enables firms to fight successfully through competition. The investigations brought us to the concluding remarks that the key to success has been strategic use of retained surplus, which could effectively work as a safety net for intrinsic risks. With such financial strategy, Toyota has been keeping the advantage in comparison with its competitors adopting horizontal integration business model.
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要約(ABSTRACT) [3]
序章 問題意識と分析モデルの提示 [7]
第1章 トヨタの財務戦略の強み--日産との比較-- [18]
第2章 トヨタの財務戦略の強み--GMとの比較-- [33]
第3章 トヨタの財務戦略のルーツ--必要性の観点からの分析-- [49]
第4章 トヨタの財務戦略の遂行--可能性の観点からの分析-- [79]
終章 トヨタの過去,現在そして未来--トヨタの教訓と自動車製造企業の財務戦略-- [92]
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