Departmental Bulletin Paper 主語指向描写構文と構文ネットワーク
Subject-Oriented Depictive Constructions in the Construct-i-con

小川, 陽香

21pp.1 - 19 , 2015-12 , 京都大学大学院人間・環境学研究科言語科学講座
This paper examines Subject-Oriented Depictive Constructions (henceforth SODC) from the viewpoint of Construction Grammar. A reasonable conclusion derived from a qualitative analysis demonstrates that Transitive SODC (e.g. He left his house angry) are likely to be motivated by Intransitive SODC (e.g. The waiter danced naked) and not vice versa. In constructional approach, there has not been an explanation as to why the depictive predicate located at the end of the clause can describe the state of the subject referent. In addition, the relationship between Transitive and Intransitive SODC has not been investigated although it is assumed that they are connected by the subpart link (Goldberg 1995). This study shows that instances extracted from the Corpus of Contemporary American English reveal some similar characteristics between Transitive SODC and Intransitive SODC with motion verbs. Given that the latter occurs frequently enough to form verb-specific constructional schemas and allow adverbial elements between verbs and depictive predicates, it is plausible to conclude that Transitive SODC are developed by an analogy from extended examples of Intransitive SODC.

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